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Age of King (Age of Empires II) - The Conquerors Expansion

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25/03/2013 09.09

Re: Re: Re:
(Wireless Phone Accessory) When I received this, it sheowd a capacity of 3 stars. I charged it to full (in a couple of hours), and then tried it on my iPhone 4. After 2.5 hours, it charged from 14% to only 59%, and then the capacity ran out, and it stopped charging.It's a female/male pass-through design. So, you can plug in your power source at the bottom (female), or plug the top into your iPhone/iPod unit (male). The top (male) connector has a removable cover.Load:I'm going to try charging it fully, because I've had other issues with the first cable that I used to charge this. Then, I will try charging again and see if a full charge puts the battery higher than the 59% of my first test. I will update my review when I get those results.Design (broken connectors):I've read some reviews and suspect people are breaking their connectors. Although there's a protective plastic piece for the male end of the charging unit, when it's plugged into an iPhone 4 and laying on a flat surface, the iPhone/charger doesn't sit flush. The bottom half of the iPhone is elevated 1/4 inch above the surface, and the charger is not level either. If you were to press the Home button, or otherwise work on the iPhone while it's plugged in, you would risk snapping that little connector. It seems solid enough if you're not doing anything. So, with some precaution, you could avoid this by either not using your device, or holding the sides of the unit while pressing on it.Operation:The 4 led lights identify the capacity. They seem to come on if you have it plugged into a power source (male or female), or when pressing the button on the unit itself. The full led at the bottom probably only comes on after the 4th capacity is lit up, and it has a full charge. I will update when I find out for sure.Pressing the button shows the capacity led's. It's not necessary to press the button to begin charging, it will begin automatically.Cases:I have an Otterbox defender case, and I had to remove the iPhone from the case in order for the device to be recognized. It looked like it was fully inserted, but it wasn't. Removing the case was the only way to get it working.Testing:I plugged the unit in, and opened Battery Doctor to perform a full cycle charge. I left the app open and running for the first portion of the test, and then turned off the device for the last portion of the test. All other apps were closed, and I did not use my device during testing. My battery started at 14% and ended at 59%.0:00 14%0:01 15%0:02 16%0:03 17%0:04 18%0:07 19%0:10 20%0:13 21%0:14 22%0:16 23%0:21 24%0:22 25%0:23 26%0:24 27%0:25 28%0:35 29% * Turned of app. Capacity led's: 2* At this point, I would sporadically turn on the device, check the battery level, and turn it off*0:43 34%0:50 34%0:52 35%0:55 39%1:00 39%1:05 44%1:10 44%1:20 49% * Capacity led's: 11:30 54%1:35 59%2:00 59% * Capacity led's: 0 Charging stopped automatically. Update: Dropping this from a 3-star review to a 2-star review.After fully charging the portable charger unit (with a portable speaker/charger, not just a cable this time), my second attempt shows that it will not fully charge to 100% in 2-hours as claimed.I started my second test at 34% battery with a full charger (only 2nd time used). After 1 hour, 20 minutes, it's peaked at 63%, and the capacity led is at 1, meaning it will be dying soon.Too bad, I wished this would work with a full charge, and to give some credit, it does partly work. But, don't expect the 100% charge that is falsely claimed. I was hoping to order another one, but now seriously considering if I should just return this one, even though it was only $6. :-/I'm using an iPhone 4. Update: Dropping this to a 1-star review.After fully charging again, and testing again, it charged from 19% to 69% in 1 hour, 40 minutes. It seems it will never get the 100% charge as promised.In addition, I had the issue where it wouldn't work at all! After letting it charge overnight, I tried to plug it into my phone and nothing happened. I reinserted it several times, at various angles, etc., and nothing happened. Even pressing the button did nothing. I then set the portable charger on the boombox charger I have and the 4 led's and full led lit up, then immediately pulled it off and tried it and it started charging.This is not acceptable. You will not be able to do this when you're away from your charging source. In other words, it's unreliable and has a good chance of not working when you need it to!After owning this only one day, it failed on all tests, so I'm returning it. It's not even worth the $6 given that it won't
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25/03/2013 12.32

My first impression of the above human winx cast photo:Gah! Techna looks like a man! Flora is more ouintogg than her normal reserved self. Stella looks too old to be a part of the group. The girls in Layla and Bloom's outfits resemble the characters the most. The rest just seem way off. Also, they seem much older than the girls in the cartoon. Plus, will they have this cast run around in the short mini skirts the characters wear in the cartoon, while flying and fighting the villians? Oh, yeah, did I mention flying with wings will be difficult to envision with this cast as well.
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25/03/2013 22.24

Re: Re: Re:
YmhTpT <a href="http://kqxacetxvofe.com/">kqxacetxvofe</a>
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26/03/2013 10.56

That's more than snsibele! That's a great post!
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26/03/2013 12.50

Re: Re:
I wanted to say that I'm eitxced to hear that you're using the framework I put together for Marvel Heroic RPG! I'd love to hear how it goes for you. If you find that there are things missing or that don't work properly or whatever, please let me know.
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26/03/2013 16.43

Double standards in the UN, EU, European Commission, Germany, US and etc..Двойные стандарты в ООН, Евросоюзе, Европейской комиссии, Германии, Америки и т.д .. Моя личная ситуация тому доказательство
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28/03/2013 10.15

Re: Re: Re:
Zj0384 , pbknitoxwrul, [link=http://mzlngjmrmglr.com/]mzlngjmrmglr[/link], dnsakajjmoek.com/
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28/03/2013 11.00

You have a refreshingly psiitove attitude towards snow. I have never cared for the stuff myself and resented being made to play in it as a child. But when I read "the cool smell of snow brings clarity of mind, freeing of the spirit from all that weighs on it and childlike happiness", I instantly wanted to be outside, breathing the cold air and running through the snow! Great writing."Electrically sweet" is a great phrase. I can't think of a fragrance that fits that criteria at the moment, but if anything good comes up, I'll let you know.
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28/03/2013 13.08

Re: Re:
that, Greeks played a game caleld Pen-ta or penta Africa Tribesmen played startegy games, as well as Romans and even the barbaric hordes as enemies of Rome. The games were created to also, discover any new strategies or tactics, not previously understood. Even in the American Civil War, Southerners played a board game; then caleld Parlor games ; because it was appropriate to play games in the parlors of homes and not on the kitchen table. The game was caleld, Blockade Runner . I doubt any copies exist today, but it was very popular in the South. Players tried to get past the Union Blockade, of the South, in Privateers (Sloops) which could out run the heavier warships. Jefferson Davis and the Confederate states paid a set value for cargo brought back from England, France, even the Dutch, with other European nation, with coastlines. If enlightened the dangers of Blockade running and some ships; like the Ella and Annie with the Florida , Jefferson Davis , Rattlesnake and many others were patriotic vessels with brave crewmen, that ran the blockade, to even the Southeast Indies. I submit a complete known list of all Confederate States Ships (C.S. = Confederate States Navy):Admiral (C.S. Steamship, 1862)Advance (C.S. Blockade Running Steamer, 1863-1864). Also caleld A.D. VanceAlabama (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1862-1864)Albemarle (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1864)Alexandra (prospective C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1863)Alvarado (Prize Bark, destroyed August 1861)Arkansas (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1862)Atlanta (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1863), later USS Atlanta (1864-1869)Baltic (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1864)Bat (Blockade Runner, 1864-1864)Bayou City (C.S. Army Gunboat, 1861-1865)Beauregard (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1864)Bombshell (C.S. Navy Steamship, 1864-1864)Calhoun (C.S. Gunboat, 1861-1862)Capitol (C.S. Navy River Steamship, 1862-1862)Chattahoochee (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1863-1864)Chesapeake (Prize Steamer, captured 1863)Chickamauga (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1864-1865)Chicora (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1865City of Vicksburg (C.S. Steamship, 1862-1863)Clifton (C.S. Gunboat, 1863-1864)Colonel Lamb (Blockade Runner, 1864)Colonel Lovell (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1861-1862)Columbia (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864)Darlington (C.S. Steamship, 1861-1862)David (C.S. Torpedo Boat, 1863-1865?). Also other torpedo boats of the David type David, Large (Confederate Steamship, 1865)De Soto (C.S. Gunboat, 1861-1862)Dick Keys (Steamship, active in 1861)Ella and Annie (Blockade Running Steamship, 1861-1863). Originally named William G. HewesEnchantress (Prize Schooner, captured July 1861)Florida (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1861-1864), renamed Selma in 1862.Florida (Blockade Runner, 1862)Florida (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1862-1864)Fredericksburg (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1865)Gaines (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1862-1864)General Beauregard (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)General Bragg (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)General Earl Van Dorn (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)General Lee (C.S. Army Transport, 1861(?)-1864)General M. Jeff Thompson (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)General Sterling Price (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1861-1862)General Sumter (Louisiana State vessel and C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1861-1862)George Page (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1861-1862). Possibly later renamed City of RichmondGeorgia (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1863-1864)Georgia (C.S. Navy Ironclad Floating Battery, 1862-1864)Georgia (C.S. Navy Cruiser). Not delivered. Became Peruvian corvette AmericaGovernor Moore (Louisiana State vessel and C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)Grampus (C.S. Navy River Steamship, 1862-1862)H.L. Hunley (Submarine, 1863-1864)Henry, Patrick (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1865). Properly caleld Patrick HenryIda (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1862-1864)Jackson (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1865). Also known as CSS MuscogeeJamestown (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1862). Also known as CSS Thomas JeffersonJefferson Davis (C.S. Privateer Brig, 1861). Also known as Jeff Davis.John Simonds (C.S. Army Steamship, 1862)Kanawha Valley (C.S. Hospital Ship, 1862) Large David (Confederate Steamship, 1865)Lewis (Steamship, active in 1861)Little Rebel (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)Louisiana (C.S. Navy Ironclad, 1862)Louisville (C.S. Army River Cargo Steamer, 1863-1863), see USS Ouachita (1864-1865)Mars (C.S. Transport Steamship, 1862)Manassas (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1861)McRae (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1861-1862) Merrimac , or Merrimack (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1862). Properly caleld VirginiaMidge (C.S. Torpedo Boat, 1864-1865)Mississippi (Ironclad Turret Ship, seized while under construction in England and became HMS Wivern)Muscogee (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1865). Also known as CSS JacksonNansemond (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1862-1865)Nashville (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1861-1862). Later Blockade Runner Thomas L. Wragg and Privateer RattlesnakeNashville (C.S. Navy Ironclad, 1863-1865)Neptune (C.S. Army Tug, circa 1862-1863)North Carolina (Ironclad Turret Ship, seized while under construction in England and became HMS Scorpion)Ohio Belle (C.S. Steamship, 1862)Palmetto State (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1865Patrick Henry (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1865)Planter (C.S. Army Transport, 1862)Prince (C.S. Transport Steamship, 1861-1862)Queen of the West (C.S. Army Ram, 1863-1863)Red Rover (C.S. Accomodation Ship, 1861-1862)Rappahannock (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1863-1865)Rattlesnake (C.S. Privateer, 1862-1863). Formerly CSS NashvilleRichmond (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1865)Robert E. Lee (C.S. Blockade Runner, 1862-1863)Saint Patrick (C.S. Torpedo Boat, 1864-1865)Satellite (C.S. Tug, 1863)Savannah (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1863-1864)Selma (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1861-1864), named Florida in 1861-62. Later USS Selma (1864-1865)Shenandoah (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1864-1865)Simonds (C.S. Army Steamship, 1862), properly caleld John SimondsStonewall (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1865)Sumter (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1861-1862)Stonewall Jackson (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)Teaser (C.S. Navy Armed Tug, 1861-1862). Later USS Teaser (1862-1865)Tennessee (Steamship, 1862)Tennessee (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1864). Later USS Tennessee (1864-1867)Texas (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1865)Thomas Jefferson (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1862). Also known as CSS JamestownVicksburg (C.S. Steamship, 1862-1863), also caleld City of VicksburgVirginia (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1862, ex-USS Merrimack)Virginia II (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1865)Webb (C.S. Army & Navy Ram, 1862-1865)William G. Hewes (Blockade Running Steamship, 1861-1863). Later renamed Ella and AnnieYazoo (C.S. Transport Steamship, 1862)Yorktown (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1865). Properly caleld Patrick HenryThe game was popular and played in parlors of southern mansions. So, the War Game is not a advent of modern America, but a business, to make money. Seldom with a sense of patriotism but an eye on the Almighty Dollar . Even Monopoly , created in 1933, during the depression, was a means of those who could afford the game, to cope with the Great Depression and even the Great Dust Bowl of the Midwest. It was popular, after the depression, and became a game that many families played, as a family. In one sense of the word, it is a War games but not much strategy because it is primarily the Luck of the Die . There are few approaches and even fewer stratagems, in Monopoly. If you have the money, you can buy Boardwalk, for cheap, as the New Jersey boardwalk sold very cheaply, in those times. The ride operators could not afford to be open and the public did not have the money. It did become a picnic location, on the East Coast and by the 1920 onward, the place to go for a vacation, by the Middle Class and up. The poor only dreamed of spending the summer on the beach.As far as Forge of Empires goes, it is close to a Strategy game but still falls short of actual Strategy. It is a simple game and even a twelve year old could play and win, except that many 12 year old believe they are more sophisticated than previous generations, because those they admire say that, to only curry favor. Their sophistication is revealed by their arrogance and their misguided believe in self. Growing-up with a Personal Computer does not make one sophisticated, merely having an advantage that previous generation did not have, in their youth. Sophistication is defined as, by New World Dictionary of the English Language as; 1. not simple, artless, naive, etc.; urbane, worldly-wise, etc. or knowledgeable, perceptive, subtle, etc. 2. designed for or appealing to sophisticated people. 3. highly complex, refined, or developed; characterized by advanced form, technique, etc. One should notice many things about this definition, first it destroys the illusion of being told one is more sophisticated simple by operating a computer, calculator or even a cellphone. The game definitely lacks sophistication is game design and game mechanics. The language of adolescents is not subtle, their perceptions are `pie-eyed' and that word usage will prove their lack of knowledge of the English language. They are not Worldly, unless one considers smoking in adolescence and even sexually active, as Worldly . Many are artless, as in Dickens Artful Dodger . The game lack sophistication in more ways than I could care to offer, at no cost to someone drawing profit from a game on the Internet. My experiences are actual, in combat, as I was born a Male and was drafted in the US Army, in 1972. I was 20 years old and I had already seen `Death' before Vietnam. I was a Squad Sergeant, at 20 years old and according to the US Army; a natural born leader . I did not buy that concept but I had no choice, regarding the promotion. There was a need and I suited that need. I came to the US Army as an Eagle scout, a member of JLT (Junior Leadership Training), the USMC Devil Pups , and even SLPP (Senior Leadership Preparation Program) training and I was the Honored Graduate of my cycle, in BCT (Basic Combat Training). I had been a squad leader in BCT, upon being drafted and I became the Platoon Leader, in BCT, after an Army Reservist candidate and a National Guard candidate Trainees, failed to bring results. I was a Draftee; or AUS, and we were not popular, in the US Army. Many had the concept that we were incapable of doing our duty and even unwilling to sacrifice our lives, for the US Constitution. Yes, I am a Male-to-Female Transsexual Veteran of combat experience, in firefight, shelling, air-mobile operations and two hand-toi-hand close combats, alone. My appearance betrays their perception of my capabilities. I did kill 33 Viet-Cong confirmed, after many firefights. I was wounded three times and hold the Purple Heart with Oak Cluster. I have commanded young men in war and even counselled them about their problems, back home. Giving orders was a simple matter of do it in a gentle tone or demanding it. I seldom had to demand anything because I speak with authoritative voice. JLT, SLPP and Devil Pup training. My existence as a Transsexual has nothing to with Manhood but merely I was born the wrong sex; Male instead of Female. I am college educated; in Pure & Social sciences with advance studies in Fine Art Filmmaking and philosphy. Yes, I have made motion pictures and I worked in the Hollywood Industry. Like the US Army, I did not agree with Hollywood concepts and I found Hollywood to be filled with too many wanna-be types capable of doing speaking the written word and filled with the ideas Dreams are made of. I am a grandmother of three Grandsons and my children are over 30 years old. I have been more places than most will ever see, in their lifetime and that does include every Nation in Europe. I was stationed at Bamberg, West Germany, at Warner Barracks; now close, and was assigned to the Theatre Command of USAEUR, in Heidelberg. I was an E5 (Buck Sergeant), in less than 6 months, because I could lead and I used common sense, instead of rationalizing. I had to question many things for the welfare of my fellow soldiers and my own survivial. John Wayne could not cut it in the US Army and was General discharged. The only Japanese he kill got up, after the director said Cut! then they probably had coffee, together. The Duke is a myth and the US Army made jokes about acting like John Wayne. I had the opportunity to meet Franz Mueller of Munich, Germany, in late 1973. He had a history, as a Political prisoner of the Nazis and was freed by Americans. I knew of him before I met him, via his daughter, Lucy Mueller. We talked and I learned much from Herr Mueller and never regretted meeting him. He was a delightful man and very Pro-American. I was offered to attend the Munchen Film School, in 1974, by Franz Mueller, but refused because I had not been home in two years. I do regret not working with Warner Herzog and Claus Kinskey. I have studied German Neo-Expressionism in Cinema, of the early 1910-1920s. Fritz Lang, and Dwyer with other German filmmakers were a definate part of my advance studies, in Motion Pictures. Leni Riefenstahl was devoted Nazi but a superb filmmakers. I have studied her films as well as Frank Capra, John Ford and many other World War Two filmmakers. I had the chance to view some films from Simon Wiesenthal collection, in the 1980s. I love motion picture making and still work in it, as semi-retired. I am a screenwriter and director with Sound Recordist, as well.I would be happy to work with InnoGames, to improve Forge of Empires into a Best Game of at least the Decade, or longer. I have the knowledge of the many charts, tables and dice rolls that could improve the Combat Resolution of the game. I could offer advise with experience on Game design and Game mechanics plus complexity ratings and numerous other Strategy Game elements. It takes only understanding the systems once used by Board Game companies like Avalon Hill and SPI with numerous other small companies. Even the applications of Tabletop gaming (miniatures or toy soldiers) is highly adaptable. It only take an E-Mail and a discussion on remunerations, for my work and my knowledge. I would not mind seeing Europe again and I do enjoy the Craftsmanship of German designers. The culture is suitable and I do speak some German. My Grandparent, and my last name, Vest originated from Germany, in the 1800s. My Grandmother's maiden name was Billerman, for Berlin area and my Grandfather was from Bavaria. I loved Ansbach and I was able to travel Europe, historical sight, during my 11 months, of duty in West Germany.Respectfully,Rachel M. Vest
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